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Our Team

"Our continued growth as coaches is a direct reflection of our great clientele base."

Dhakir Bey

Dhakir Bey is a highly experienced Certified Coach/Trainer certified by the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF).

Dhakir began his training upon graduation in 2002 after playing and starting with the United States Naval Academy Varsity Football team. There he helped in the training workouts for various sports clubs such as Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball (Men’s and Women’s), sprint football team, and the women’s volleyball team. Dhakir has recently worked with the Eastfield College Police Academy, as a Speed and Movement Coach with North Dallas High School Boys’ Basketball Program, and as a Fitness Coordinator for Madison Point Apartment Homes. Dhakir also had the opportunity to train a couple of guys that have been drafted into the NBA D-League providing unique professional-level training. In addition to personal and group training, his main focus is the volunteer work initiative with the Juvenile Detention Centers (Dallas Youth Village) which has expanded to include building fitness and nutrition programs with low-income community villages. Most recently Dhakir has been sought after to teach his upbeat, energetic kickboxing classes but not being restricted, has also taught a variety of classes such as; Shred (Jillian Michaels), Insanity(Shaun T), Power Torque, Harder Chisel/Chisel, AquaFit, and various Bootcamps across the city.

As a Fitness and Movement Coach, Dhakir provides education to his clients about strength training, cardio goals, basic functional training, nutrition, and life balance. He also offers guidance on reaching individual goals, self-accountability, and ways to help track the individual’s progress. Dhakir uses his expertise to help clients increase their confidence, communication, strategic skills, and awareness of self.

Odell Bradley

Odell Bradley is a dedicated, passionate sports and fitness professional with over 18

years of experience—as a professional and collegiate athlete, fitness trainer, and sports

coach. He has the expertise to develop positive attitudes, sportsmanship, motivation,

and potential in his clientele.

Odell brings a set of interpersonal skills that maximizes his ability to get results:

• Highly energetic communicator

• Excellent teacher with focus on one-on-one training and group training

• Encouraging motivator and role model, improving students/individuals productivity

Odell has an engaging personality and the ability to establish rapport with his clients

because he is:

• Dedicated, assertive, dependable, hardworking, and great initiative;

• Goal, results, and fitness-oriented;

• Strong skills instructing, coaching, guiding student athletes and adults of all ages.

Odell maximizes the potential of all his clients by creating innovative approaches for

each client by:

• providing customized fitness programs to individuals while educating and guiding

them on proper nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, strength, speed and agility,

resistance training and other programs;

• developing and evaluating safe, professional, exciting and comprehensive personal

training programs to ensure adults and youths are satisfied with their workout program

and remain motivated to attain their personal fitness goals:

• educating individuals on current health and fitness issues and trends:

• conducting fitness consultations for new clients including pre-participation screening, medical history, lifestyle questionnaire, and goal setting to assess and recommend a customized personal training program.

Odell’s extensive experience includes:

• Personal Trainer/ Tester, Nike Sparq

• Assisted station training, and personnel work for the Dallas Desperados football combine.

• Develop elite speed and agility programs for the Dallas Stars and Dallas Titans Select Baseball teams.

Dimitrius Glenn

Dimitrius Glenn is a highly experienced Fitness Professional/Certified Fitness/Group Exercise/Sports Movement Coach Specialist. 

Dimitrius’ certifications and services provide:

Fitness/Sports Movement Coach and Group Exercise Instructor

•(NCSF) National Council on Strength and Fitness Certified Personal Trainer

•(NCSF) Youth Sports Conditioning Coach

•(NCSF) Human Performance

•U.S. Registry of Exercise Professionals Member

•Jillian Michaels Body Shred Certified Instructor

•TRX Suspension Training Course Level 1

•First Aid/AED/CPR Certified

•Concept 2 Rower Tester Certification

•Dimitrius provides strength and cardio training, functional movement, speed, agility, and mobility education to his clients, enhancing self-confidence in his clientele with open, honest communication and direction while offering counsel on basic nutrition, goal setting, self-accountability, and systems to track the individual’s progress.

•Dimitrius serves all demographics of clients from young to old, to a variety of athletes. Dimitrius has served individuals who suffer from various ailments including frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, rotator cuff issues, total hip and knee replacements, knee ligament and tendon complications, sciatica, Achilles injuries, post-mastectomy surgery, obesity, high blood pressure, as well as those that just want to gain greater knowledge, health and experience in personal or group training.

Dimitrius is currently working with:

•Charlton Methodist Hospital's Yearly Diabetes Class as a Health and Fitness Speaker.

•Dallas College/Eastfield-Cedar Valley-El Centro West Campuses - Criminal Justice Department Police Academy (Fitness, Wellness, and Stress Management Curriculum Instructor) (Adjunct PT Instructor) and the Continuing Education/Workforce Department (Program Coordinator and Group Exercise Instructor)

UPGRADE 2018 East Field College Spring Edition Catalog Feature “Super-mentor"

•The Phoenix – Independent Contractor / Live Stream Fitness Instructor -  Homeward Bound Inc. (Addiction Treatment Center),  Victory Addiction Recovery Center and Desoto Senior Center

•Dallas Youth Village/Medlock Treatment Center – Creator of Know Yourself Fitness & Mentoring Group/Mentor - 501c3

•St. Cecilia Catholic School – Substitute P.E. Teacher

•Enso Apothecary – Yoga Director- Lead Fitness Workshop and Class Instructor

Dimitrius worked with local YMCAs—T. Boone Pickens, J.E.R. Chilton, Lake- Highlands, Moody, and White Rock (10 Years). Dimitrius was a Volunteer Strength and Conditioning Coach with Dallas College Eastfield Campus Men’s Basketball Team, Dallas Christian College Men’s Basketball Program during their 2016 National Championship year, and North Dallas High School Boys’ Varsity Basketball. Dimitrius has also volunteered at his alma mater E.B. Comstock Middle School’s Athletic Department, Buckner Family Services (Job's For Life Program Mentor), and Lumin Education (Fitness Speaker). He also worked with Baylor Tom Landry Center and partnered with Dallas Independent School District- Independent Contractor /Fitness Consultant - District’s Fitness Initiative Program.

His #1 Passion is working with youth at the Dallas Youth Village/ Medlock Treatment Center Boy's Juvenile Detention Centers and Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center through his Fitness Mentoring Program (Know Yourself Fitness and Mentoring Group), a fitness circuit training P.E. Curriculum class on-site two times a week.

Dimitrius has also volunteered in some Faith-based initiatives conducting boot camps, sports camps, and fitness classes at Friendship-West Baptist Church and Johnson’s Chapel. *As a teen, Dimitrius participated as a mentee and graduated from Friendship West’s Operation BLACC Mentoring Program. *

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